Are you concerned about missing your period? Some women experience only one symptom, and some multiple types of pregnancy symptoms. The Mayo Clinic shares early signs of pregnancy, including:

  • A missed period
  • Tender, swollen breasts
  • Nausea with or without vomiting
  • Increased urination
  • Fatigue

Your first step to gaining insight into your potential pregnancy is pregnancy testing with a medical professional. Your home pregnancy test results should always be followed up with lab-quality pregnancy testing. We can help you get answers with free and confidential, lab-quality pregnancy testing today.

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

There are two types of pregnancy tests: blood or urine-based. Blood pregnancy testing is done in a medical clinic, and urine pregnancy testing is done in a clinical setting or at your home.

All pregnancy tests determine if there are detectable levels of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in your body. Home pregnancy tests claim to be 99% accurate as early as the first day of your missed period. For more accurate results, wait a few days after a missed period to be sure.

When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test?

Pregnancy testing should be done first thing in the morning if possible, as your urine is at its most concentrated. Taking a pregnancy test too early can give you a false-negative result. You will want to wait and test again to receive an accurate result.

We know this process can be confusing, especially when emotions are high. Talk to us today to begin the pregnancy confirmation process.

What if my Test Comes Back Positive?

At our clinic, if you receive positive pregnancy testing results, we can follow it up with an ultrasound to be sure of where your pregnancy stands. An ultrasound goes one step further to confirm viability (whether your pregnancy has a heartbeat & is progressing), pregnancy location (if it’s in your uterus), and how far along you are.

Schedule an initial pregnancy testing appointment to get started. You deserve clarity and education along each step of your unique journey.

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