Are you considering adoption as you face an unplanned pregnancy? We know this isn’t an easy decision. Adoption could be an option for you if life’s circumstances are not fit for a child right now. No matter what you do, you will always be a mother.

Adoption is challenging, but it’s a choice of love. We’re here for you as you consider this pregnancy option, and here is more information about making an adoption plan.

What is An Adoption Plan?

An adoption plan allows you to have a clear direction and understand what your next steps are. Consider all three adoption plan options: open, closed, or semi-open. Creating an adoption plan will be based on how much contact you want with your child and the adoptive family. Consider what type of adoption would best fit your family and the type of connection you want with your child. 

Open Adoption

The most common type of adoption is an open adoption. This type of adoption plan allows the birth mother to have contact and visits with her child, as well as the adoptive family. You, as the birth mother, get to choose your adoptive family. There are some guidelines for this type of adoption, but it’s the most flexible type of adoption plan. 

Closed Adoption

Sometimes, life is difficult, and you could even be concerned about the safety of your child. A closed adoption could be a fit for you.

A closed adoption allows an adoption agency to handle all the details of the adoption and decide on the adoptive family for you. With closed adoption, there is no contact with your child or adoptive family. 

Semi-Open Adoption

A semi-open adoption plan is a combination of open and closed adoption, allowing flexibility for you to determine what kind of contact and relationship is good for you and your child. An adoption agency will help you with this step.

Similar to a closed adoption, no identifying information is shared between the birth family and adoptive family besides first names. You will send and receive information through a third party, like an adoption agency.

Learn More About Adoption

We know this is a lot of information to take in and consider. Talk to our caring team today to learn more about your adoption options and discuss your questions and concerns. You can confide in us at the Women’s Clinic. You don’t have to carry the weight alone.

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